Below is some of the work I had done in the past. The work is divided into Product Design, Illustrations and Graphic design for ease of understanding. I plan to add more work to the portfolio soon.

Product Design

I did some design work at when I was setting up the design team and was hiring designers. Later I lead the team about how to implement a design system. Below are two case studies that cover these.

🔰 Implementing a design system

🎯 Solving for Acquisition

Graphic Design

Below I have added some of my graphic design work. I will add more to the gallery with time. I hope you enjoy this.

Identity work


Yangkiez: I created the illustrations in 2018. Yangkiez was being developed as a QSR chain focused on oriental cuisines. The primary use of illustrations was on various touchpoints like food packaging, crockery, magnets, badges, posters and merchandising. The idea was to create brand illustrations that are bold, memorable and consistent.

The theme of the restaurant is Oriental cuisines and hence the illustrations have elements of Japanese and Oriental culture.

Illustrations set:

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