My first task when I joined was to scale acquisition and get more users. One key insight we had was that we did not have any product to showcase before the signup wall. Users were apprehensive about signing up until they understood the products they would get after they signup.

We had to give them the products before they signed up. This was not just the problem for DIY or self-served clients. Even our relationship managers were looking for a solution to help them show products when they were sitting in a meeting with a potential High Net-worth Individual. Until now, they would either log in to their own account to show a product or show the product on a public website like Yahoo finance.

To solve this, we build a screener for the ETFs, Portfolios and Funds on our platform. The screener allowed users to check out their possible investments, compare them, share them with their friends/ advisors before they signup. When they share the pages with their friends, Kristal is introduced to more users organically. The screener also helped a lot to the relationship managers; imagine talking about your investment platform and showing the solution on Yahoo finance vs your own website. It increases customer trust dramatically.

Overall screener and the product pages now contribute to ~17% of all the traffic coming to the website. Signups from screener pages contribute to ~30% of all signups.



Products page:

Individual product pages:

Individual product page:

While designing these pages, one of the key challenges was simplifying the information presented about a product. However, the pages should always have complete information about the product. We cannot have missing sections or information which can lead a user to leave our website.

To present information in a simpler way and not to overwhelm the user, we structured the page into multiple sections. The top section contains the overview of the product. The background colour of the top section is dynamic and is based on the logo of the issuer. This helps create variations when you move from one page to another.

Then we took into account the long scroll - info heavy nature of the page and docked the tab bar for easy accessibility of the different sections. This also helped keep the primary CTA always on top, along with the name of the product.

Further sections were structured for easy information consumption with charts and graphs. Check the page below:

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